While the features are the same as the Excel file, Google Sheets has some notable benefits: Available/online at all times.

Worth the time investment. And if you’re looking to play at the pro-level, consider investing in one of the two software; the others aren’t up to speed yet.

To let you explore your creativity at its best, Wondershare has designed Filmora.


RebelBetting is my top pick for premium, pre-match value betting software. . .


. The bet tracking app aggregates all your bet data, stats, and bankroll info. not necessarily full gm , yes that’s good to But that 1st half! even better, I wrote abt it 2-3 times last 5-6 yrs it’s well known now.

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The bet tracking app aggregates all your bet data, stats, and bankroll info. Equilab (free) PokerRanger ($79) If you’d like to calculate equity on the go, check out Poker Cruncher ($12.

1 (96) SpiraTeam offers a complete bug tracking solution that manages your entire testing process. Stake Toys.

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. Professional bettors, who are daily on the grind, betting, are known as sharps. Rocketlane — Best client portals for project insight sharing.

In the “Bet Log” tab, highlight cells A2:W40 and hit the Delete key (or right click and choose Clear Contents). NoteCaddy Edge 3. @CJaayBets. You can. .

How to track sports bets; How to analyze performance; How to add more leagues and.

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Once you move out of the amateur phase of sports betting – keeping record of your bets is an absolute must.

RebelBetting VB; Trademate Sports; Misc.

Apploye is a complete time tracking tool that aids companies in monitoring staff activity and productivity.